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Green Homes Save The Earth and Lower Your Payments

by Shelby Stanger

I recently read a statistic from the National Association of Home Builders that between 40 to 50% of homes to be built in 2010 are expected to be green. With the word “green” being thrown around a lot these days, I decided to talk to Keith Rodgers of Rome Construction in South Carolina. Rodgers has been in construction for over 23 years and has helped lead the charge towards sustainable home building in the South since 2004 when he built the first Earth Craft (green building standard) home in South Carolina.

“Everybody’s using the green buzz word, but having a “green” home is not just about having bamboo floors or carpet made from recycled fibers,” Rodgers said. “If you want to have the most impact on helping the environment, you have to look at the building science behind your home first.” (more…)